I am…

  • a Virtual Assistant 20150821_172930
  • a business owner
  • an accountant in training
  • an english and polish language speaker
  • someone who pays maniacal attention to detail
  • always with a diary
  • a Bachelor of Science in Information Science degree holder (specialization: research)
  • a library and information technician (LIT) diploma holder
  • an IT technician diploma holder

I was…

  • a Web Editor in a media company
  • an Accounts Assistant in a hospital Department of Accounting
  • a Store Manager in a hotel gift shop
  • a Sales Assistant
  • a Housewife

Privately I am…

  • a superwife
  • a fulfilled mum of three
  • a passionate life coach
  • a good listener
  • a planning & organizing enthusiast
  • an early riser
  • addicted to reading
  • a creative introvert
  • an incurable optimist
  • an enjoyer of every little pleasure
  • just living life to the fullest