The time for another circle of life area exercise. And for me… confession time. The ‘Friends & Social Life’ area is the part I struggle with most. Being a typical introvert, I’ve never expanded that sphere. Throughout all of my life, I’ve had one, and only one, best friend, who I’ve known since the age of three. We went through the whole of nursery school together and spent our primary school days behind the same desk. Our friendship continued even through separate secondary schools. But we finally came back together under one roof, not at the same university, but in the same student flat. A great time…

february friends

To this day, throughout many beautiful – but also hard – life lessons, we’re still best friends. With only one difference. Now, we’re adult women, wives and mums.

During all of this friendship I’ve never had any other best friends, or indeed many other friends in general. I’ve always heard that it isn’t normal. I should socialise with others, meet, talk and be open. Be a ‘people person’. At the same time, I struggled with all of those statements because I didn’t have a desire for a rich social life. I wasn’t, and I’m not, shy. I just like being on my own. So, if you have similar feelings, don’t think that something’s wrong with you. No. It’s not! It’s who you are! And as long as you’re happy with your own company, that’s absolutely fine.

But… Exactly! I have one small ‘but’. If you’d like to change and start meeting other people… Or even if you don’t, I’d like to encourage you to give it a try. Why…?

When I started my business I realised that it’s impossible to run it without other people. At first, I felt overwhelmed. I even wanted to back out and quit. But my desire to run my own business was far stronger, so I just gave myself a green light to go out of my comfort zone. And when I slowly began to engage with others, I discovered that there were many like-minded people out there. People who had their own dreams, goals and principles. People who wanted to share their passions and plans, who wanted to join together in common initiatives. People who are just trying to do something good, something more than just a business.

Why am I talking about all of this…? Because if the area of life you would like to improve the most is ‘Social Life & Friends’, I encourage you once more to do it. Just give it a try! Find an interest group, online or offline. Engage with others on social media (strictly NO auto messages!). Or go to events and conferences. Just try to meet other people, talk to them and see what happens.

Remember! Look for people you feel good with, who lift you and motivate you. Calmly walk away from negative influences.

Looking for these like-minded people will cost you nothing. But you can gain friends for life.

At the same time don’t forget about your current friends. Nurse Bronnie Ware, who was with her patients for the last three to twelve weeks of their lives, wrote that one of the five most common regrets before death was: ‘I wish I had stayed in touch with my friends.’

You’ve probably got more time left than these patients had. So you may want to call to your best friend right now…

Are you still there…?


…Good for you!

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