I’ve told you that I use a holistic approach with my clients, an approach I truly believe in. I emphasize the need to maintain a healthy work/life balance, and in this post, I’ll show you how outsourcing can help you achieve that. But first, what does a holistic approach actually mean? This is a question I get asked often, so let me explain

When I first sat down and truly thought about what I wanted from life, I just took a piece of paper and wrote down all of my goals, dreams, and needs. I ended up with this list of ideas in front of me, but couldn’t figure out how to divide or connect them. So I started doing some research, which led me to discover the concept of holism – the idea that the whole is more than merely the sum of its parts.

How can you understand this in terms of your life? Just concentrate on the whole of you rather than on just one area of your life. Try to think about yourself as an entire person rather than just as a spouse, father, sister, friend, runner, vegan, entrepreneur, rich, smart, pretty, kind or emotional… The list goes on. You are not just one of these roles, you might be all of them.

And mostly importantly: you should pay equal attention to all of these spheres.

It’s great that you’re exercising every day, but do you eat properly?

Amazing that you spend lots of time with your children, but do you have valuable time with your husband/wife as well?

Or maybe your job pays well, but is it exactly what you would like to be doing?

You probably have your own questions right now. Just think about them for a few moments. No, I meant longer than that! Come on, you can do this! Done? Great job!

You didn’t…? Shame on you!

By now the biggest question has probably entered your mind: How on earth can I achieve work/life balance? Anyway, it’s overrated! (I can almost see the little smirk on your face.)

But hang on a second – have you ever heard or thought about outsourcing?

The definition of outsourcing: ‘To delegate (a task, function, or responsibility) to an independent provider’.


Focus on the things you’d like to grow and pass on those you don’t want to think about.

You hate cleaning your house. Solution: a cleaning lady.

You don’t have motivation and ideas for exercise. Solution: a personal trainer.

You don’t have IT skills to build a professional website. Solution: a web and graphic designer.

You want to start your own blog, but are worried about your writing skills. Solution: a copywriter, editor or proof-reader.

You’d like to grow your business, but don’t know how. Solution: a business coach or mentor.

Or you’ve just forgotten to send an important email, don’t have time to organize a meeting or just can’t find the best Christmas present for your partner. Solution: Hello and welcome. Here I am. Your VA!

Outsourcing balance

All these people are working hard every day to deliver you their knowledge, experience and ideas in their own area of expertise. This enables you to focus on your own goals, dreams and needs to build work/life balance, to have a holistic approach to life. And the most beautiful part of it is, when someone else needs your help, you’ll be ready!


What you pay attention to grows.