Alexandra Hollins Let me introduce myself:
I am Alexandra Hollins, a Virtual Assistant and business owner. Well, if you’ve checked out my website you’ve probably worked that out by now. But if not, please feel free to look at my ‘About’ page – to learn more about me. Here, I would like to introduce myself and my business in more depth, giving us both a chance to meet each other as well as have a friendly chat without any commitment. Let’s get started.

No More Duties

The idea of this business was born after a few years of research, reflection, and discussion, but most importantly, after getting to know myself better. As a stay-at-home mum, I was fortunate I could do that and give myself time to find my own new career path.

I’ve read that we change, inside and out, in seven-year cycles throughout our lives. Maybe it’s true or maybe it’s just coincidence, but I spent the first seven years of my adult life as an employee and student. Then I spent another 7 years – yes, that’s right, exactly 7 years – reading, thinking, and looking around for inspiration, while taking care of my three children, my husband and my home (no dogs – no thanks, that would be too much :)).

During all those years as a housewife, I finally figured out what I would like to do and what not, what I like the most and what I hate, who I am as a woman, a person and a career changer. But that wasn’t the end of it.

Accountant & Health Coach

I ended up with two completely different paths and couldn’t figured out the connection between them.

The first was to be an accountant: I realized that I’ve always adored numbers, tables, and counting, as well as repetitive tasks, attention to detail, and a calm environment.

The second was to be a health coach: My liking for healthy food and a healthy body focused me on the need for a healthy mind also. I am eager to help people change their lives. Along the way I discovered that my forte is listening people, because I have always preferred to give someone attention than talk myself. From that moment on, I focused especially on life coaching and became very passionate about it.

Then, I added my organizational skills and strong willingness to finish every task and project, and one sunny morning I finally had my ‘aha moment’. Oh yes, believe me, it really does exist! Have you experienced it before? Yes? Then you’re a lucky person. No? Then you’re probably like me. I’d almost lost hope in finding it. But then I became that lucky person too. So I ended up with:

Virtual Assistant with a holistic approach

This is exactly what I would like to do – support entrepreneurs as well as independent professionals to help them organize, focus and keep moving forward without any distractions, but most importantly to get satisfaction and enjoyment from their work. At the same time, I want to help them understand, how to have balance in life, or in other words to adopt a holistic approach, to feel happiness and fulfillment both inside and outside.


Since that moment, I have had the idea that I can write about all those things which I watched, learned or read about during my years of research and help other people to feel the same as I do right now, to have confidence about where to go and how to get there.

Feel free to comment and contact me, as you wish.

Happy reading!